Izvekams galds LEVANTE CS/4091-XR


Izvekams galds LEVANTE CS/4091-XR

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Koka, metala un stikla izvelkams galds

LEVANTE table in mixed materials: wooden base, metal guides and glass top. 

A table combining the tactile nature of wood with the transparency of the glass top which reveals a touch of colour, given by the two aluminium guides. The table is fitted with two side extension leaves to seat several guests. Many combinations are possible thanks to the different colour finishes of the three elements. An amazing timeless mix that can be easily matched to several chairs in the Calligaris collection. 

Choose the combination that suits you the most and play with colours!

H 76 cm
W 140 - 180 - 220/ 160 - 200 - 240 cm
D 90 cm